Fees & Terms

Quality mediation principles require transparency, and fairness.  Likewise, we believe mediation fees and terms should be clear an understandable.  We adhere to the following mediation fee schedule and terms:

  • Hourly rates are $250.00 per hour shared by each party.

  • There is a (2) hour minimum fee which must be received at least twenty-four (24) hours before the scheduled start time for the mediation.

  • The two (2) hour minimum will be applied only to actual mediation time.

  • There is NO charge for all reasonable time required to schedule and prepare for mediation, including the review of materials submitted by the parties.  There is no charge for such preparation and review time, because we want to encourage all parties to provide background materials.

  • Payment is due for services beyond the initial minimum charge at the end of the mediation.  

Cancellation Charge

  • In the event mediation is cancelled less than twenty-four (24) before the scheduled date, the party requesting the cancellation is charged a cancellation fee.

  • If all parties request the cancellation, each party will be billed for a pro rata portion of the cancellation fee.

  • There is NO charge for any re-scheduling agreed to by all parties at least twenty-four (24) hours before the scheduled mediation.